Got a Rice Cooker for Christmas

Have you heard about silent wishes being granted? Well, I have and have got some answered too. I have just started living on my own and my job keeps me comfortably well off. But, yes, I can’t be too much frivolous with my expenses. I love cooking which means that I would covet each and every agent we require in cooking be it an appliance, utensils, ovens, mixers, juicers and what not. Hell, I even love to buy lovely colorful spatulas and plates for my kitchen. Having a good rice cooker has been on my mind since past few months, but other expenses have been my priority and I have kept the purchase at bay. Well, my wish got fulfilled by the secret Santa (my father) on Christmas. I was visiting my parents and as per the tradition, walked up to the Christmas tree in the morning and got a note in my stocking.

It directed me to go to the kitchen and open the 2nd cabinet. For a few seconds, I was like ‘Seriously..?? I am not a kid’. But then, I walked and opened the cabinet to find something for my use. My joy knew no bound when I found the Aroma Rice Cooker in the cabinet. The Aroma rice cooker was recently named as the best rice cooker overall by the I was laughing and jumping like a little girl and ran at the top speed to hug my father and say thanks.

my Aroma rice cookerI brought down the rice cooker to my apartment and feel that it has added variety and lots of taste to my usual food. The Aroma Rice Cooker comes with this amazing steamer to steam meat, veggies, and soya chunks along with the rice. The model I have, allows me to cook white rice and brown rice along with the regular keep warm and steam cycles. The cooker cooks amazing rice and comes with the delay timer too. I actually have this notion that rice should be soaked first and then cooked. The delay timer feature allows me to achieve this. I put the rice and water with delay timer on and soak them for half an hour. The cooking then starts on its own and the cooked rice has this amazing texture and sweet taste.

Steaming Vegetables using Aroma Rice CookerApart from rice, I have also started eating steamed veggies in lunch which allows me to opt for a healthy lifestyle and thus avoid the unhealthy snacking or restaurant food. I also steam the soy chunks, mix them with ginger garlic paste, sauté in olive oil and there I have – a lovely evening snack which tasty as well as healthy.

My rice cooker has really added taste to my life. If you don’t have one, then you should run to the stores right now and go get a kitchen ninja of your own. Happy shopping.